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Your special wedding in Siena

Every bride’s dream is to have a unique day, something wonderful to remember: the dress may be the starting point, but the location must be a dreamy one. Wedding in Italy, and especially in Tuscany, is a chance no one would give up.

Siena for your wedding

If you want to wed in Siena and take your best pictures in this international masterpiece, you will have here lots of cues of perfect places for the most beautiful day of your life. In the city, near the Gothic-style palaces, around the historic alleys to discover stunning views, or out of town, in the surroundings, using the Crete Senesi at sunset as a background. Discover your personal mood and Siena will be ready for you.

If you stay in town, you will easily meet wed loving couples shooting in Piazza del Campo, right under the Mangia tower, or exactly where the rays that cut the space, to tell the whole world that your love is the center of the universe.

The famous fountain Fontebranda, or the Contradas square, with their own fountains or even the so called Third of Camollia, are fab places to have your special moments.

Thanks to the "Wedding in Tuscany" program, Siena opens the doors to locals and tourists of unique locations for your wedding: thanks to the new municipal regulations, you can marry not only in the classical halls of Palazzo Pubblico but also in the Loggia dei Lanzi, the splendid balcony built in the 14th century overlooking the back of the Commune, with breathtaking views over the Orto de 'Pecci.

Unique Siena

If you love the Siena basilicas, you can choose as the most beautiful day of your life the church of San Francesco, the Baptistery of St. John, the Cathedral (the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta) or the Basilica of Osservanza. Even the Abbey of San Galgano near Siena is an amazing place you can not include in your wedding album.

Among the new Sienese locations also the Medicean Fortress with its ramparts, the Historical Room of the Library of the Intronati and the Main Hall of Palazzo Patrizi, as well as the original Theater of the Rinnovati and the Hall of the Consistory of the Civic Museum.

If you decide to marry in Siena, remember to contact a wedding planner to make sure your documents are in order!

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