A story of love for a warm welcome and for our land

The Bianciardi family has been running Hotel Athena for two generations, and as a Sienese family we are rooted to our city and surrounding area, and its traditions, and we want to respect and care for it just as well as we look after our guests.

And so, for a number of years, we have been following the philosophy of the GoGreen brand, of environmental sustainability and low-energy impact.

As we are in the historic center of the city, a UNESCO-protected site, we cannot have solar panels or source energy from other renewables like wind, thermal, or water. But we have done our best to make every detail in our hotel as “green” as we can, starting with the energy we consume, which comes from 100% renewable sources.

You will see yourself that all our toiletries and stationery products are biodegradable and that we use low-impact energy sources, with an emphasis on the building’s energy efficiency.

The detail makes the difference!

All our eco-friendly initiatives

  • Waste-sorting of used oils, glass, plastic, paper, and all recyclable materials
  •  GoGreen organic products to limit plastic use
  • Eco-friendly Ecolabel shampoo, lotions, and shower gel – good for you and the environment
  • Eco-friendly pens, pencils, notebooks and stationery of recycled biodegradable paper and plastic
  • Pet-friendly and cruelty-free with maximum respect to animals
  • 100% electric power from certified renewable sources
  • Low-energy LED or neon bulbs
  • Solar thermal heating fixtures for passive management of room temperature
  • Zero-mile breakfast, as well as bread, pasta, and various desserts made in-house – to reduce CO2 emissions.

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