Siena has always been a generous land, animated all year long by the historic Palio, art and culture festivals and exhibitions.

Discover the not to be missed events in Siena and its surroundings

Palio of Siena

2nd July and 16th August

In July and August one of the highlights of the Tuscan events is held: the Palio.

It’s more than a simple horse race, it’s a very ancient tradition that inflames the souls of the citizens lined up in the different districts. The Palio ofSiena is run twice a year in the iconic Piazza del Campo, which, with its shell shape, is ideal for an exciting race to win.
The Palio is one of the best-known folkloristic events in the world and attracts every year fans, tourists and simple curious who enjoy the contrada dinners, the historical parades and, obviously, the horse race from an exclusive position.

An ideal city. Dürer, Aldorfer and the Nordic Masters

From December 14th, 2018 to May 9th, 2019

The Santa Maria della Scala Museum hosts an unmissable event for lovers of painting: An ideal city. Dürer, Aldorfer and the Nordic Masters of the Spannocchi Collection of Siena. The exhibition gathers the paintings of the Spannocchi Collection, preserved in the National Art Gallery and in the Civic Museum of Siena.

Discover some of the most significant works of art of the Spannocchi Collection, created by Flemish and Nordic artists. Pay particular attention to the extraordinary panels about the Storie di San Floriano by Albert Aldorfer, on loan from the Uffizi Gallery. Among the most important works are the San Girolamo by Albrecht Dürer, La decapitazione dell’artista and the Torre di Babele, by minor artists of great skill.

For information visit the official website.

Treno Natura

From March to December

The spring in Tuscany begins with a jump back in time: the journeys on the historic trainways of the Treno Natura start in this period. The train reaches the fair Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Marzuolo in San Giovanni d'Asso, but this is only the first of the events on schedule.

The picturesque train takes you in past times and idyllic landscapes: you travel on "centoporte" (“one hundred doors”) carriages driven by steam locomotives, rattling in the green Tuscan hills. In some areas you can only see fields and flocks: the atmosphere is truly unique. The Treno Natura, leaving from Siena, stops in some romantic stations during the most beautiful festivals and folk events in Tuscany.

Cantine Aperte – Open Wine Cellars

25 and 26 May 2019

If you love wine and wine tastings, the weekend you can not miss falls on 25 and 26 May 2019: Cantine Aperte (Open Wine Cellars) returns with events in all the wine producing areas of Tuscany.

The event, promoted by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana, is one of the most popular wine tourism events for the general public of all ages. Even if you are not a sommelier or a wine expert, every year on this weekend in late May, you can taste excellent bottles and you can learn about their properties through the producers' voices.

The major wineries of Siena and the surroundings host couples, families and groups for wine tasting for free or at reduced rates.


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