The Palio di Siena: enjoy it at the Hotel Athena

One of the most ancient celebrations in Italy, which makes Siena a strong point of attraction for tourism and folklore: the Palio di Siena is all this. An event recalling, in the Tuscan city, visitors and curious people from all over the world, all fascinated by an horse race with a medieval flavour. It seems the first palio to be run “alla tonda” - that is with the tour of the place as we see it today - dates back to 1633, but many sources indicate traces of it since 1400.

A historical event, therefore, which maintains its charm unaltered for both locals and foreigners, coming from Italy and abroad just for this reason. The Palio takes place in the famous Piazza del Campo, heart of the historical centre of Siena, only ten minutes from Hotel Athena. Unique dates of the show are, every year, July 2 and August 16, which are not to be missed for the whole city. The 17 districts – called “Contrade” – in these occasions, are animated by a particular kind of euphoria: a mix of competition, excitement, passion for the ancient tradition and civic pride. Let yourself get kidnapped by a special magic…

If you are looking for a hotel to see the Palio di Siena, choose us: from the Hotel Athena, in a few minutes, you will be ready for the front row. You could easily reach the best point to enjoy the amazing race in Piazza del Campo.

Come to our reception: we will glad to give you all the information to live to the full the experience of Palio di Siena.

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