Hotel Athena: a Green Hotel in the heart of Siena

At the Hotel Athena in Siena we pay the greatest attention to all welcome aspects. We take care of our guests through efficient and tailor-made services, but with a special focus. We do our best to make your stay the greenest and the most eco-fiendly.

We care about the respect of the city, native land of our family, as well as the surrounding environment. As our position is in the centre of Siena, we cannot have solar panels, but we consume energy produced in a conscious way. It totally comes from renewable sources. We adopt all good practices we can to reduce – at least in part – pollution and we aim at decreasing the energy impact on the Planet.

The commitment of the Hotel Athena to environmental sustainability is evident in little everyday details of our guests’ routine: from the breakfast buffet, prepared with low impact energy sources, to toilette time. In our rooms, in effect, we provide only ecolabel products for cleaning and personal hygiene, biodegradable and with a particular attention to cruelty-free brands. We respect animals, choosing companies that do not test on their skins. All our toiletries have the Go Green certification.

We serve customers in writing notes and postcards with an eco-friendly eye: all our stationery products are biodegradable. Because every little piece of paper is precious to us. Nature does not waste anything, even recycles everything.

Welcome is warmer as it respects Earth in all its parts

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