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Trekking and breathtaking views in Siena

Urban trekking is a perfect method to visit a city, enjoying it slowly with open eyes and soul to catch all wonders on the way. It is a new kind of tourism, with particular attention to sustainability and beauties hidden along unusual routes. A relaxing and amusing activity, ideal for all ages: the urban trekking’s routes are different for length and level of difficulty. In opposition to trekking in the woods, the urban one can be practiced in every moment of day and night, in every season and poor weather conditions are not an obstacle.

Siena is perfect on foot: behind every bend, breathtaking landscapes come suddenly into view. Take advantage of your stay in Tuscany to try urban trekking following the path we suggest, just one of the many we are going to describe in our blog.

Fontebranda and the Fortress 

Start your walk from Fontebranda, ancient fountain recalled also by Dante Alighieri. From the Middle Ages it was a seat for artisans, nowadays this area hosts SienArtefice, small village of handicraft. From there, climb the staircase under the tuff cliff of the San Domenico Church. Get ready to do some physical effort: the path is steep and you need to be little trained, but the view from there is amazing. On the “terrace”, in effect, you can admire the convent and the church of San Domenico on the left, the breathtaking outline of the Siena Cathedral on the background.   Take a break in the Parco delle Rimembranze and breath the beauty around you, delighted by many fountains.

When you feel ready, reach the sixteenth-century fortress, from there you can admire both the medieval town and the countryside. A really suggestive scenery..

On the trail of Via Francigena 

Now walk along Via Camollia: you are on the first stretch of the ancient via Francigena, the road which used to link North Europe to Rome. The pilgrims passing through Siena rested at the Mansion and prayed at S. Piero alla Magione Church. This building keeps intact its Romanic façade and it is worth to be observed quietly. Moreover, from Via Campansi you can enjoy a wonderful view of Chianti hills, characterized by villas and farmhouses. Go on along Via del Pignatello, which was the seat of potters and producers of pots, bowl with a wick used for domestic lightning.

Cross the lively Villa Rubini to reach the beautiful San Francesco Church, a ledge facing the whole city. Open well your eyes on the landscapes you can see from there: from the dome of Provenzano to Rocca Salimbeni and the Mangia Tower, until you discern the shape of the Cathedral on the right. When you will be satisfied, descend into the valley Vallerozzi towards Pian d’Ovile (where many shepherds used to live), then on the right walk along Via del Lavatoio. Mind the steps: you are on the road housewives took to do some laundry at Fonte Nuova d’Ovile, a fountain you can recognize from the great arches dating back to late thirteenth century.

San Francesco Square

Congratulations, you are almost at the end of the trekking route through the urban wonders! Reach the Church of San Rocco Confessore and look at the nice small fountain used for the baptism of the Wolf Contrada. Through Via Vallerozzi, arrive at Porta Ovile and take Via del Comune, one of the most suggestive street in Siena: you will be surprised by the fall of houses one on the other. At the top of the hard hill, sit on the bench and catch your breath.

When you are in San Francesco Square, you cannot miss a visit of the thirteenth-century church, keeping intact the Sacred Areas inside. Another picturesque place, in the square, is the oratory of San Bernardino, built in the right point where the saint used to preach to believers. If you have a bit of free time, enter the Museum of Holy Art, located inside the oratory itself.

Siena and urban trekking

Now your urban trekking experience is over, with a handful of kilometers on your back and – we guess – many unforgettable memories in your mind and eyes. Keep on reading our blog and you will find out other itineraries in Siena, which is standing out, from more than 10 years, in this new trend of tourism, celebrated every October 31st in the “Urban trekking day”. Try all the different routes our city can offer to trekking lovers: you will travel in history, nature, taste and art.

Every step a unique feeling, your holiday in Siena will be unforgettable.

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