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Three things to do in Siena: discovering the tradition

Have you decided to visit Siena in this period? You will discover a city that interprets the Christmas spirit in its own way, enhancing the atmosphere that is already part of this territory. Today we decided to tell you some of the things you can see or do in these days that anticipate Christmas.

If you do not want to commit too much, however, we suggest you to walk around the city, aimlessly, to discover what goes beyond the events and initiatives that we recommend.

The cribs in Siena

If you arrive at the station of Siena, stop to admire the crib made by some expert cribs makers, fully animated. You can see real life scenes with the various objects that move mechanically: the press from which the oil comes out, the millstone for the wheat, the water cascade and, in the distance, the Piazza del Campo. The statues were made with elements that come directly from the capital of the crib, S. Gregorio Armeno in Naples. The crib is located on Track 1.

Other cribs are set up in the city and some of these have a charitable purpose, such as that made by the volunteers of Mercy, a secular brotherhood that operates in the field of first aid medical care.

The palace of Santa Claus

Palazzo Patrizi, in the historic center, becomes the home of Santa Claus and his world, at least until December 23rd. For once, Santa Claus decided to stay in Siena and for a few days the children, but not only,  will be able to meet him, listen to his stories and choose a reindeer to travel with him. But not before having passed the Magic Bells and the games of skill that the elves have prepared. In addition to this many educational workshops to learn how to make Christmas decorations, toys and small items to take home.

Cost: € 6 for each child, free for the first companion, € 6 for a possible second companion

Wine and Food

Do you want to learn how to cook traditional Tuscan dishes directly from professionals? You can do this by taking part in the courses that will take place at the International Chef Academy or at Lella's cooking school. All courses are subject to fee, you will be followed by professional chefs who will explain step by step the preparation of some dishes but not only. In these courses, in addition to knowing other people, you can acquire the basic technique that will allow you to re-propose these dishes at home. For information, consult the websites that we list below.


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