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The Palio in literature

The Palio belongs to the people of Siena. Who has protected it for centuries, in all its aspects, even those that people who do not live the city 365 days a year ,may consider more incomprehensible or anachronistic.

Over the centuries many illustrious visitors visited the city: literate, writers and noblemen who came to Italy for the Gran Tour between the end of the 700 and the early 800. Bloggers and ante-litteram narrators who stopped in the most important Italian cities to live the true life: colors, flavors, sounds, then tell them in letters or novels.

Siena in the stories of travelers

If we start from the nineteenth century - from which the literary myth of Siena gradually takes shape - we will find that after the first picturesque descriptions of Grand Tour travelers, impressions on the Palio are getting more and more an introspective and captured character.

A Tuscan doc, perhaps less known to the international public, Aldo Palazzeschi, in an article in 1926 describes the magic of Siena through the image of the square run by a collective fever, made of a mass that moves to waves and triggers chorus or exclamation of astonishment or disappointment. Piazza del Campo becomes like a sea enclosed in which everything is emphasized.

Even Ezra Pound a few years later had the opportunity to devote some verses to the Palio atmosphere in his Cantos.

The split between tradition and modernity

Over the years, therefore, the Palio had, of course, valuable chronicles. Intense observers who have expressed the souls of this tradition which is actually the life of the city.

The glory of life, precisely. Here is the theme that comes back every time you write about Palio: that is, its continuous allusion, through play, to feelings of existence. A party, therefore, of passion, of life and of its opposite is metaphor, tenacious representation, uninterrupted narrative.

And did you ever tell the Palio? We wait your comments.

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