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The arte of faience in Siena

Faience is a very technique word that describes the world of ceramics and pottery, especially those objects that are hand painted and hand made.

Italy has a strong tradition in this: you can find a lot of towns and borough, especially in the center and south, with a gorgeous historic production.

Siena is one of these. Strolling in the center town, you can find some artisans with their colourful open shops, ready and willing to show you their work.


Siena in the pottery tradition

The town has created a special emotional visit event: all those who will visit the town from July until December 2017, will have the chance to visit the artisan pottery workshop Bianco e Nero, who will open the doors to show you the traditional Senese hand painted ceramic .

The drawings used on the pottery can be belonging to the artisan family and be very old. Every artisan creates his own.

Further, every artisan can draw the typical Palio contrada drawings. Siena has a special committee that controls all the aspects of the Palio, even the ceramics that bear contrada symbols.

Artisans must get a special authorization from the Palio Society.


The art of pottery


The Staccioli family, will welcome you in the shop and teach you how pottery is created, work with clay and show you how a vase or a plate is created, using the original wooden lathe.

The blue, green and salmon and all the chromatic shades used in the decorations. You will also see the firing of the pottery and the preparation before the hand painting.

You can become real craftsmen by decorating an object with your hands, under the expert guidance of Sonia and Jade, in a unique experience that blends culture, tradition and fun.

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