Siena tribute to Simone Martini: a special visit to the Maestà

Most of the tourists coming to Italy, love our works of art: monuments, churches, museums, painters. But it’s more than this. Pay a visit to a museum can be much more: it engages our eyes, our emotions. The red, the gold, the blue of Siena most important painters are something that everyone of us would love to see from very near.

This summer (until September 10th), Siena will offer a unique visiting experience to all its visitors: the restoration yard of the Maestà, painted by Simone Martini, will be open to the public. Only a few centimetres to admire one of the most astonishing works of art of the Italian painting culture.

The restoration of the Maestà in Siena

The restoration scaffold, set at the beginng of june, will be open. You will have the chance to see the restorer staff work on the precious details of this work of art, while you are passing by.

This very important work has a couple of goals: restoring and maintain the painting in all its original colours and study it from an historical and scientific point of view.

In the last 25 years, no inquiry was held on the painting. The developing of the restoration techniques will allow restorers and art scholars to understand what’s behind a very complex work of art such as this.

Visiting the beauty

If you are planning your visit in Siena, or you are visiting Siena in these days, you have the last chance to see it open.

The visit will be held in small groups and only on reservation, every Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 11, 12 am and at 17, 18 pm.

To visit the place you will have to wear a protective helmet, available on site.

To book your visit, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do not miss this unique chance!

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