name:English (United Kingdom) Siena for Christmas: living the city as ancient times

Siena for Christmas: living the city as ancient times

Beautiful as always. Siena is one of those cities that always have some beautiful stories to tell. Even for Christmas. It is true, maybe many of you, thinking of Christmas holidays, are imagining so much snow and some markets in small and charming villages.

But Siena will surprise you by suggesting Christmas in medieval style.

Medieval Christmas

The Market in Piazza del Campo is not only a physical place to find many craftsmen and many products, but it is a real event that recreates an ancient tradition: since the 14th century, Piazza del Campo was the venue for meeting, exchanging and shopping .

In Siena then, the market took place once a week. There were merchants and sellers of all kinds: the butcher, the baker, the shoemaker, and even the treccola, the queen of the market, the one who sold vegetables and legumes, but not only.

A unique place, a moment of encounter and relationship. Just like the one that will take place next Saturday 2 and Sunday, December 3, 2017, when the square of Campo will find the Christmas spirit and that of the Middle Ages.

Piazza del Campo for Christmas

Hundreds of benches, which will make the square live in a different and spectacular way, following the rules of the Middle Ages dividing the stalls according to the type of product.

The best products of food and crafts: fresh pasta, oil, cheeses, typical sweets and many other art objects made by the Siena artisan craftsmen and not only.

During the market, some craftsmen will make their products alive: weaving wool in old frames, restoring furniture, and binding books as it used to be.

In addition to this event, you can explore the world of wine by visiting Vinarte, under Torre del Mangia, with tastings of the wine excellence of the province of Siena.

The event is also enriched by guided tours of shops and activities dedicated to children.

Christmas in Siena. We are waiting for you!

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