name:English (United Kingdom) Siena city of culture: discovering the Rozzi theater

Siena city of culture: discovering the Rozzi theater

Siena is a very enclosed city: both from a physical point of view, thanks to its walls, both from a historical point of view. Its secular traditions were born within the contradas and its contradaioli: a very protected, maintained and respected heritage that reached up to our days.

But in addition to the magnificent monuments that have made it famous all over the world, Siena also has another unusual aspect for such a small city: it boasts two historical theaters of equal beauty.

Today we bring you to know the Teatro dei Rozzi

The artisans theater

It will seem strange, but this theater, built in 1531, was born by the will of a group of artisans, the Congrega dei Rozzi. Simple people but lovers of popular culture that in that period, flourished in Siena, just in contrast to that of the nobles.                                                

The covenant had the task of giving dignity to all those forms of popular art that were expressed with the theater and poetry and that is why in 1690 it became the Academy, becoming one of the most important cultural institutions of Siena.

The academics also receive another concession from Francesco de 'Medici: a theatrical hall called the Saloncino, a large hall with stepped stalls, a hole for the orchestra and a stage.

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Siena, capital of culture

The theater was born about a century later, just to give dignified and coherent space to all those authors who in the meantime had established themselves thanks to the constant work of support of the Academy.

The Rozzi buy some premises located in Piazza S.Pellegrino, just near the Academy and in 1817 the theater is officially inaugurated. Here the most important Italian companies arrive and Siena, thanks to the Rozzi theater, becomes a veritable temple of prose.

The Teatro dei Rozzi, after a complete restoration, was reopened to the public in 1998 and hosts a very intense program of prose and music. The theater can be visited on the occasion of the events and shows on the bill.




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