name:English (United Kingdom) Siena by night: the best places to enjoy the town

Siena by night: the best places to enjoy the town

It’s a fresh, cool night and you’ve probably been rushing around Siena to visit the beauties of the town. Now it’s time for a deserved rest, enjoying the nightly views from some special places we have selected for you.

Hotel Athena Terrace

You do not have to walk very far, just take the lift and reach the 7th level of our hotel. There you will enjoy a wonderful sunset, overlooking Siena’s hills with their green olive trees and the skyline with the ancient walls and the country yard outside, towards the Crete.

Here you can taste one of our cocktails or else a nice Tuscan wine, enjoying the lights of the sun going down, talking or reading your favourite book.

Via Fontanelle to Basilica dei Servi

Piazza del Campo is always a nice view. The bars and pubs around may offer you a nice Italian Aperitivo. Local people usually gather to end their day, especially on Friday. The piazza is an open air live scenery, always full of people and happenings. Siena people are the show. Just take a seat and watch them, listen to them when they speak and they greet each other. You will enjoy something unique to take with you.

Following the road called Duprè, just climb up to the left until you arrive to another of the three hills of Siena. Take the stairs of via Fontanelle and you will see a beautiful landscape with the Basilica dei Servi.

Before arriving to that place, climb one of the roads to the right and then peep in the narrow streets to have a wonderful landscape of the eastern part of the town.

Ponte Diacceto to the Basilica of San Domenico

Going via Galluzza with its arches connecting the houses beside the road, you get to Ponte di Diacceto, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Basilica of San Domenico. Here you will not find a place to stay, just a sort of balcony, where you can lean and dream with the view.




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