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On Amiata Mount: trekking and hotsprings

Just a few kilometres from Siena, Monte Amiata is a place where untouched nature is expressed in its full splendour. Go south, along the fast freeway connecting Siena and Val d'Orcia to Maremma, the wildest part of Tuscany.

The park, half in the province of Siena and half in the one of Grosseto, is covered with secular chestnuts and beech trees. The crystalline water that descends from Mount Amiata also smears Siena and the whole Maremma to the Val d'Orcia.

Arcidosso, Abbadia San Salvatore, Santa Fiora, are some of the small historic villages that surround this paradise, rich in history, but especially wildlife. Deer, but also wolves, who chose this Apennine territory to live and reproduce.

Trekking in the park

The park is organized on so many paths, easy enough to be run without much effort: on foot, on horseback or on mountain bikes. The trails are well-kept, equipped and safe, so they are suitable for both those looking for true contact with nature and for those who want to enjoy a day with the family.

One of the most interesting trails is the one that leads from the visit point, the main entrance of the park, Casa Nobili, to the summit of Mount Labbro. It takes about three hours to walk but the view from there is worth it.

During the course, encounter opportunities with animals are also very much possible. For this reason the park is often a destination for natural photographers who have the opportunity to resume deer groups living in the park.

Hotsprings in Monte Amiata

Among the excursions you can do in the surrounding area, we recommend visiting the River Fiora spring point. You will cross a tunnel of about 600 meters at the end of which you see the water flowing directly from the rock.

In addition to the things to see and to enjoy, the surroundings of Monte Amiata are covered by some spa resorts, such as the free baths of Bagni San Filippo. They are tanks that are in the forest, which can be accessed via a path that runs along the White Fossus.

Monte Amiata awaits you with many other excursions and activities to do!

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