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November time of fairs in Siena

Have you ever visited a fair in Italy? The word “sagra” comes from the adjective sacred and refers to popular celebrations that celebrate the patron saint of the borough or a special event such as a good wine or wheat harvest.

This tradition has remained in the centuries and in recent decades has become an opportunity to show and tell a territory: typical and seasonal products, unique things that can only be found on that occasion, local traditions but also habits and ways of life that make Italy a great and wonderful kaleidoscope of emotions.

The fairs in November in Siena

In the autumn, Siena and especially its surroundings are enlivened by the colors and scents of this period of the year, which marks the passage from summer to winter. So many fruits, all those of the undergrowth, become the main protagonists of the territory: chestnuts, scented truffles, novel oil, vin santo and much more.

In this post we want to tell you the main appointments to which you can participate if you are in the area.

The Crastatone

It takes place in Piancastagnaio from October 27th to November 1st. It is one of the oldest festivals and celebrates the chestnut tree of Mount Amiata. The festival takes place inside the walls of the Aldobrandesca Fortress and takes its name from the word crushed or caldarrosta.

Chestnut feast

It may seem very similar to Crastatone, but the small village of Campiglia d'Orcia is divided into three districts: the Agitati, the Dentro and the Borgassero. The festival is an opportunity to challenge the three groups that will decorate the streets of the city center. In addition, winery restaurants will be set up and visitors will be able to express their opinions by voting the best. The delights you can taste are countless. Typical pasta such as small but also many chestnut sweets. The festival takes place on October 29th.

Bringoli Feast

Finally, we mention this special festival dedicated to the cupola, a handmade pasta made by the ladies of the small hamlet of Anghiari. The party is dedicated to San Martino but the main attraction are these long spaghetti, the bringoli, made of water and flour and seasoned with a mushroom or meat sauce. The appointment is for November 11st-12nd.

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