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Much more than a bike race: the Eroica Montalcino

If you like riding a bike, you are authentic fans or just lovers, do not organize anything for the last week end of May.

While staying in Siena, you could take part, as main characters or as audience, to Eroica Montalcino, exciting event for all cyclists in Chianti, scheduled on Sunday 27 May 2018. Eroica Montalcino is not a simple ride, but a classic bike race, with an own fascination and routes planned for families. The landscape around you at every stroke of the pedal is the wonderful Val d’Orcia with unforgettable colors or the unique lands of Crete Senesi. The magical atmosphere itself is a distinctive characteristic of Eroica Montalcino from a simple ride, do you agree?

Eroica's lands

Eroica Montalcino is all along white unpaved roads, the same where Bartali and other famous cystics used to ride, and grow, between the Tuscan hills. The whole route is 209 km long and spreads out to the southern area of Siena, passing through Val d’Arbia, Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi. If you are on holiday in Siena, you can easily reach Montalcino, where the ride starts.

If you are interested in taking part in it, remember to use a classic bike, that is built before 1987 or with the same vintage characteristics. The dress code, also, should be classic: all the participants should wear wool short trousers and t-shirts.

The available routes are five, of different length and difficulty: of course you will find the perfect route for you. All starts from the same place, passing throught Bagno di Vignoni, San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza and, in Crete Senesi area, Montisi e Trequanda. Your choice does not matter, the view will be amazing.

The routes 

Eroica Montalcino was created to offer all bike lovers the chance to have an “heroic” trail to remember, enjoying also a wonderful panorama in the hearth of Tuscany. So, the available routes are five.

The Leisure is 27 km long, it is the simplest route and it is good also for children: perfect if you stay in Siena with your family. Brunello route, 46 km, is dedicated to all cycling fans who would run through some historical steps of Eroica, but they can not manage to ride along the long route.

The short (70 km) and the medium routes (96 km) are for those well trained because, between hills and valleys, there are climbs and slopes. If you want to be a hero at least for one day, try the Long route:  171 km on the white roads of Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi.

Are you ready to dream on classic two wheels? The date for Eroica is on May 27, 2018 in Montalcino.

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