name:English (United Kingdom) February at the Museum: discovering the art in Siena

February at the Museum: discovering the art in Siena

Museums are alive places or at least they should be considered in this way. They were created to collect and tell the past and make us relive a historical era or the life of a famous person or that of a city. A multiple many faces world that will you let discover Siena in a more complete way, or at least leave the city with the wonder and the enchantment in the eyes.

Siena, like every year, dedicates the month of February to museums, art and culture. A whole period in which, thanks to a large program of events, the city comes alive with initiatives, all to be enjoyed.

February at the Museum: the month of art and culture

Siena has many faces: it is not only the city of the Palio, but it is also the city of cultured music with its Accademia Chigiana and popular music, with Siena Jazz. Siena is the city of multicultural history, with its ancient synagogue and the streets of the ghetto, and it is also science, botany and ancient practices that are learned by visiting the Orto de 'Pecci.

Many itineraries to do as you like, depending on the time you have, to discover the Siena of every day, in a slow way.

How can you use the program that was designed for the month of February? First of all, the city's museums will be open and free. You can visit them freely or choose to be accompanied by a guide to deepen your curiosity and history.

Each place will also have events and performances specially created that will allow you to enjoy the museums in a different way: botany workshops, animated visits by theatrical actors to discover the noble families of Siena, concerts and much more.

Discovering history in Siena

This year's program also includes some goodies not to be missed, such as a preview of the masterpieces held in the secret rooms of Palazzo Pubblico located in Piazza del Campo and also some prestigious concerts, curated by Siena Jazz, an international institution that every year brings together the gota of the world jazz scene in Siena.

In addition to this, we point out the Civic Museum, the National Picture Gallery with a path between the paintings to discover the inventions of the Middle Ages to this day, Palazzo Sansedoni with an itinerary to discover this noble family and the Botanical Garden with some dedicated workshops to the little ones to discover the officinal herbs.

Finally, throughout the month of February and beyond, it will be possible to visit the exhibition on the life and work of Ambrogio Lorenzetti hosted in Santa Maria della Scala.

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