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Easter in Siena: history and traditions

This year the Easter falls larger in advance, at the end of this month of March that prepares us for Spring.

Easter is a very popular event in Tuscany: in the big cities as well as in the small towns there are ceremonies and celebrations that date back to ancient times and which still retain unparalleled charm. Many tourists are attracted precisely by these events that tell about an Italy where the sacred and the profane very often live together without problems.

Today we want to tell you about the main sacred events that you can live in the province of Siena and that will enrich your stay.

Radicofani: the last supper

This perfectly preserved medieval village is the protagonist of the "Coena Domini", a true representation of the last supper that takes place during Holy Mass. The highlight however, happens later. At about 8.30 pm a historical procession starts: barefoot and hooded characters walk through the streets of the village, carrying a massive wooden cross. During the journey they recite prayers, followed by others in the part of the apostles and by the inhabitants and tourists of the place. The procession ends again in the church, the arrival point of the procession.

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Abbadia San Salvatore: recall the Passion

It is called Giudeata and is a procession that runs through the streets of the borough. However, it is a very special procession. A parade of soldiers on horseback, dressed in Roman clothes, precedes some historical figures, first of all Pontius Pilate, followed by senators, women and the Jewish people. It traces exactly the path that led Jesus up to Golgotha.

In addition, the procession is enriched by some sacred representations of the Gospel, located in some parts of the village, lit only by oil torches. A suggestive atmosphere to relive the sense of the sacred.

In Pienza to see the Scalzi

In this Tuscan gem, the Cathedral represents the starting point and the arrival point of a procession that takes place on Holy Friday. Protagonists are 12 hooded, members of the Association of the Scalzi, who follow the statue of Christ. To them the task of announcing all the other characters that animate the procession, illuminating the streets of the village with torches.

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