name:English (United Kingdom) Discovering the water paths of Val d’Orcia

Discovering the water paths of Val d’Orcia

The green region of Val d’Orcia, a few steps from Siena, gathers historic villages of an unexpected beauty, merged between the sweetest Tuscan hills. This fertile land owed its great development, in the Middle Ages, to the abundant presence of water and the capacity fully to exploit its potential by local people.

Along the river, Vivo, the first civilisations established themselves, building settlements and ancient infrastructures – mills, ironworks, shipyards – until a real power plant in the ‘20s. To protect the precious water, authentic liquid gold, “Parco dei Mulini” (Park of the mills) at Bagno di Vignoni was born.

Moreover, Bagni di San Filippo is a renowned spa town, which we suggest you to visit for a relaxing and wellness day in Val d’Orcia.

The baths of Bagno di Vignoni

If you are looking for a charming and unusual tour in the area of Siena, visit the amazing town of Bagno di Vignoni. The medieval village was known since ancient times for the souce of hot water kept in the central tank of the town, used for hand crafting by the Etruscans.

Nowaday, here you find a spa resort with a plaque in memory of the passage of the Romans there and it testifies the pivotal role of Bagno di Vignoni in the History. Stay, close your eyes and relax in the cosy waters, enjoy a suggestive experience, a few kilometres from Siena.

Vivo d’Orcia

While visiting Val d’Orcia, we suggest you to stop at Vivo d’Orcia to discover the medieval waters of our land. This village, a small part of Castiglion d’Orcia in an amazing valley suspended in time, combines natural beauty, history and a magical atmosphere. At the foot of the ancient castle, the river Vivo flows calm and it seems to be not relevant at the first sight.

However, the simple look of the stream is deceptive: along its banks, since Middle Ages, mills, paper mills and factories were built and they became the driving forces of a great economic development. Some traces of these ancient buildings are still visible, giving a mysterious and hypnotic charm to the landscape.

In the picturesque resort of Ermicciolo, there are the sources of the Vivo, gushing out of the rocks. A real wonderful natural spectacle, which we suggest you to admire during the “Water Festival”, held every year on March 22.

Discover all the water paths a few kilometres from Siena and celebrate the sources of life in Val d’Orcia!


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