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Biking Siena: visit the town in a slow way

Slow. This is probably the best rhythm to enjoy Siena. Walking or better strolling in the narrow alleys, even without having a clear point to reach, is probably what you really should do for your first day in town.

But if you want something smart to do, enjoy Siena by bike. Bikes can enter the centre town, you just have to respect the street law and the direction, and you will be allowed to go everywhere with only one exception: the upper part and the centre of Piazza del Campo.

Siena by bike

If you are coming from far abroad, you will need to rent a city bike. Siena has a special service, a bike sharing point called SIPedala, that allows you to rent a bike for a day or even a couple of days.

The bikes are with assisted pedals. Siena has an up and down settling and sometimes you will have to climb, but the town worth the effort. You will see some of the most charming landscapes, to sweeten your eyes and enjoy the country yard outside the city ancient walls.

If you are tired, you can leave the bike in one of the 13 points in town. You can rent your bike with App Bicincittà, the App you can download for free.

Bike travelers in Siena

The cost of One Day subscription, with 5 hours of use, is 10 euros. It has a valence of 24 hours from its first use. It is also available in the formula two days, 2 days, at a cost of 15 euros with 10 hours of use. It has a 48-hour validity from its first use. The App allows you to see real-time bikes available at each station and free return columns.

With bike-sharing you can reach places not served by buses and buses. This is one of the many advantages to visit Siena by bike. Bike can be picked up in one point and then left somewhere else, following the map you will have on the app.

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