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The water museum: discovering Siena underground

The Fonte Branda, the name of the majestic fountain in the Piazza del Campo, is one of the main spring. Some months ago, we wrote about the Bottini system that goes underneath the town. But Siena has recently opened a water museum to explain the water system that since ages governs the town and its life.

The water museum: understanding the history of Siena

The sounds, the colors, the stories, the origins and the characters of water Siena, are the protagonist of a new space that tells the history of Siena and its territory through the invention and the construction of the extraordinary system of water supply in Siena, or the medieval aqueduct and loot, along with the use and memory locations.

Water Museum is a complete space that allows the visitor to know the system of spoils, sources and artifacts that brought water to the city. It also helps to understand how much of the history, the structure of the city of Siena and memory are linked to the water system that is hidden underground. It's a museum-workshop that reveals the existence and complexity of the work and explains, from very particular hydrogeological conditions of Siena, the engineering solutions adopted for the construction and maintenance of the spoils.

Living an exciting experience

A live journey in the underworld of water, which is one of the best patrimony of Siena: this is the water museum. Visit and discover the rooms of the museum means following the routes under and over the city, understanding the relationship between nature-geology-the-art engineering, fragments of memories, stories and use of places.

The route is then through a "journey of discovery" in time (from the sea existing three million years ago, to the first man in Siena, Siena from the Etruscans to the sixteenth century and then to the present) and in space (underground and surface), allowing visitors to make an instructive and exciting.

Info at http://www.ladianasiena.it/

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