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Siena celebrates Alberto Burri

Alberto Burri and Cesare Brandi in Siena

The municipality of Siena has the opportunity to celebrate the artist through the figure of Cesare Brandi, an historian and literate who pushed in Italy the restoration of important works of art. During his lifetime, he collected 4 works of Alberto Burri, belonging to four different creative periods of the artists and witnessing various periods and techniques he adopted. The exhibition organized by the municipality will highlight the complex and intense relationship that Cesare Brandi had with some of the most important artists in the XXth century. 

And through the figure of Alberto Burri, visitors will appreciate the figure of Cesare Brandi as an intellectual who gave art and education a new rush. The exhibition, Burri and Brandi, an informal friendship, will exhibit the works of the last century the collection Brandi, witnesses of the very feeling and knowledge that the historian had to art in his day, as well as to reiterate man's taste collector. The works of the collection opens a window on the past century showing authors of great importance (such as Guttuso, De Pisis, Morandi etc ..)

Info: National Art Gallery of Siena

Urban Trekking in Siena

Urban trekking is a sport for everyone and is a new concept of sustainable tourism. The itinerary on foot through the streets of a city of art characterized by uneven surfaces does not require any special training. It proposes to live the art cities as places to walk, with the nose, bringing together sports, art, taste and desire to be together in the open air.

Tourists, visitors are invited to walk the city center in which routes are those of the resident population, and lead them in the streets and squares, and climbs stairs, views of the city and countryside views. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the understanding of the city and its local identity, presenting it as a museum spread, widened to lesser known attractions and the entire urban fabric.

It is perfect for toning the body and mind of those who, forced to live in cramped spaces and feels the need to release their energy. Ideal for children, urban trekking is a new and fun way to discover the extraordinary historical and artistic beauty of a city where you can still walk and breathe clean air.

More info at, http://www.trekkingurbano.info/

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