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Terre di Siena film festival: living the magic

In one of our past posts we told you about all the movies that were filmed here during the years, with the help of the Siena Film commission, which organizes since 1996 a very important festival that support the independent cinema and the young directors with a special attention to social, political and universal themes as the violated childhood, environmental protection, human rights and peace.

The 19th edition, following the green pace of Expo

When is Terra di Siena Festival
This edition will be held from 29 September to 4 October 2015 will offer a lot of new things: first of all, the big event of Pre-Festival: "Waiting for the Festival", which will take place on September 18 in Chianciano Terme and 19 September in Chiusi.
People will also have the chance to meet "face to face" some famous Italian actors starring also on TV fictions.
But most important, the screening of the masterpiece "Amarcord", by Federico Fellini, which returns carefully restored by the Cineteca di Bologna, with an extra 10 minutes.

Italy protagonist of the Siena film festival

Join Terra di Siena Film Festival
This year, the heart of the festival will be all Italian and dedicated to first and second works unpublished and preview. Out of competition there will be films with several guests.
The international allure that has characterized the past years, with "Panorama Europe" and "A look at the world" will be another constant element of the festival, in addition to the competition of short films and the one of the documentaries, works that, despite the high level of quality, cannot find an appropriate distribution.
A problem that affects a lot of interesting movies done by young directors who do not have the economic strength to push their work of arts in a proper way.

There will also be the Green Carpet, the original and unique green carpet, to witness the special attention to issues of sustainability and the environment, particularly during the current Expo.

The Audience Award will also be awarded by a jury made up of students of the University of Siena and the University for Foreigners, and film lovers of all ages. It will be organized for the occasion a raffle with great prizes, dedicated to the participants under 35.

A good chance to visit Siena during a special event!

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