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Siena: the center of ancient medical science

Universitas Scholarium: Siena the center of medicine

Students who wanted to have the best preparation as surgeons or pharmacist went to Siena, not only to have a theorical teaching but also the practical training that took place in Ospedali Riuniti of Santa Maria della Scala, which in 1883 became the first university hospital in Italy.

The organization of the university was of the Municipality, different from what other Universities (Bologna for example) used to do. Municipality ruled the renting of the rooms to students and teachers: people who rented rooms to students had, in fact, to pay a fee. And also arranged to pay salaries to teachers, chosen among the best course.

University of Siena

Siena University a landmark in Europe

The first major expansion of the University of Siena took place in 1321, when many students moved there from the University of Bologna.

The City of Siena immediately understood that the University could become a very important political and cultural outpost and had to implement it. Resolved immediately the allocation of large sums of money to best accommodate these pupils, which were granted many privileges, tax exemptions and deductibles. The fame of the University of Siena grew so dramatically.

For the students, in the late fourteenth century, the bishop of the city proposed to set up a college, as they had done in Bologna and Perugia. The House of Wisdom was created in 1416, located in the premises of the suppressed Domus Misericordiae, which immediately attracted students from all over Europe.
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