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Siena, the show of beauty

This also come from a past important tradition that makes Siena a prominent place in the history of Italian theater. In the Middle Age, Siena had a vast variety of events: mystery plays, public games, parades and tournaments, sacred and profane machine and floats.

This tradition also gave birth to dedicated places where actors could rehearse and give birth to their literary creations, inventing plots that, most of the times, had a slight reference to real life.

The theaters in Siena

The city, in addition to Rozzi and the Teatro Grande, and then Rinnovati theater, had for many centuries other theatrical spaces: from the Tolomei College to many others inside the palaces. The Contrada had also their improvised spaces of Companies, created in the late nineteenth century in all the seventeen Contrade of Siena.

Theater and companies acting their own works or simply main literature artworks spread in town, creating a very live full artistic scene throughout the last century.

Siena theaters today

Among those who continue the legacy are the Piccolo Teatro in Sergardi Palace, built by Margaret Sergardi Marmoross in 1950 and dedicated to poetry and feminine art and culture. In 2001 the Theatre of Costone parish, born in 1912, was completely restored and brought to a renewed life.

This was an institution dear to many generations of Siena: a theater simple, amateurish and popular, which provides young people with a "training for life" and a first round of applause from his 135 seats. A place where many young actors began their first steps before becoming professionals.

This is a vernacular theater, where Palio and Contrada arguments have a space; a place that offers high level meetings and fun, even to those who are visiting the town for a short period.

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