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Shopping in Siena: were to go and what to buy

Siena offers many attractive opportunities, starting from the main street, Via Banchi di Sopra, for centuries dedicated to the craft shops, one in which you could buy fabrics, jewelry and other handmade items. Now this road has lost some of its old flavor but it's still a first point of reference to start your shopping.

Via de Banchi and artisan tradition in Siena

The tradition of leather goods in Tuscany and Siena also has a long history. Even today, many local companies produce excellent items they find space in the shop windows of the center but also in many international boutiques. Some of these activities are run by young craftsmen and it is interesting to hear their stories. Some of you have already read in some posts that look back here.

Lucia, framing for passion

Behind Piazza del Campo, in a narrow street in front of the one that goes to the ancient Branda Source, you can find this little shop, very colorful, where the main protagonist is an old wooden frame, which produces almost all of the wonderful creations that you can see in store. Thirty years ago, the original owner, a lady with a desire to do something great, in addition to being a homemaker, bought an old frame, in a country of the Sienese countryside.

And that's how it all started. Lucia, who was very young, he entered as an employee and then, when the owner decided to retire, took over the business and continued to work with her husband. It is not just a matter of working well to the frame, but also to be creative. The fabrics are all invention of Lucia: colors, combinations, patterns. Even jackets, skirts and other clothes that you will find in the store, are creations of Lucia.

The Pelican of Elizabeth

Elizabeth, artist and owner, is one of the most talented craftsmen of Siena. His works are in great demand, not only by those who love the districts and their symbols, but also by those, mostly foreigners, like the black and white colors of ancient ceramic Siena. His shop is a perfect example of a bustling city but still very traditional.


Here you do not buy the classic souvenir, but rather a piece of Siena: a plate contrade, or a bell or the classic "zaffera", a typical dish used to eat the "ribollita" or "pappa al pomodoro". Large dishes of the districts of Elizabeth, are painted with the colors of the contrade (strictly following their instructions), and each of them must be approved by the Consortium of Protection of the Palio.

The market of Siena

Every Wednesday from 7 to about 13 there is a weekly market near Piazza Gramsci. The market offers mostly clothing and shoes, but also handbags, jewelry, household utensils and some food stall. Although the offer is of the highest quality, the prices are affordable and you can find some good deals. Patience is the key to the market for shopping and remember to be careful occasional pickpocket. In summer, it can be very hot and crowded.

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