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Tasting Siena: a new way of enjoying and discovering the town

But, on the other hand, if you are planning to spend more time in town and have the chance to visit the surroundings, you will also enjoy another way of visiting Siena: using all the other senses and delighting your palate with the magnificent of wine and food you can taste here.

The taste of Siena

No better way to visit a town than losing yourself in the streets: this is also a very practical advise on how to enjoy special and undiscovered spots, even those that maybe unknown to locals. History here reveals a very important culinary heritage where food and wine are a fundamental part of every day’s life. Starting from the typical Tuscan salt less bread to the famous cheeses and salamis. Siena has also a very special cakes and biscuits tradition.

Sweet and delicious: Panforte tradition in Siena

The Ricciarelli and the Panforte are a delicious moment you cannot miss. You will discover that every contrada has its own artisans producing this kind of food. A usual, we advise you to ask a local, starting from our staff. From Hotel Athena, it’s very easy to reach the center town. On the main road, the one that goes to the center of the Contrada of the Eagle, you will find the first spot, a nice winery where you can taste them with some appetizers to eat with. The choice is really wide and you can count on the advice of the owner. But this is only the first step. We will not give you names of specific places to go to, let’s enjoy the taste of Siena. We are waiting for you suggestions.

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