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Tasting Brunello in Montalcino

The name "Brunello" appears in 1870 in the documents of the declaration of the grapes of the City of Siena, to define this particular wine area of Montalcino. It derives its name from the grape with which it is produced, the Sangiovese. Brunello for its brown color, dark red. This wine can only be produced with Sangiovese and cannot be blended with other grapes.

The vineyards allowed to the production can only be in the area of the municipality of Montalcino. This is a pure wine, with a very severe production rule and a very strict link to the tradition and the surrounding area. This is one of the reasons why it has become very famous in the world. The process has a course of 5 years (that is, for example, the wine produced from the 2000 harvest will be marketed in 2005) and a refinement of at least 2 years in oak and 4 months in bottle. The result is a rich and tasty wine, Rubin red, with fruit and tobacco smells.

The small stone village is located along the Strada del Brunello that coincide at some points with the Francigena. Here is very usual to meet hikers, bikers and travelers on horseback. Just take a stroll in the city, to find out how in the restaurants and even bakeries, Brunello appears not only in the wine list: dishes such as risotto or filet Brunello, have become classics. What about the wine used as a filling for chocolate pralines, or as an ingredient in desserts. Moreover, the grape must have become an essential aid for the maturation of cheeses such as pecorino.

The Brunello has also other uses in the kitchen: pici, the local handmade spaghetti, only flour and water, can be cooked with wine! Beautiful to look at and to eat. Take a chance to visit some of the vineyards and cellar in the surroundings to buy this wine, or just enjoy it with a dish of pasta or meat.

A unique experience in the antique Tuscany tradition.

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