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Golden Val D’Orcia: taking some steps around Siena

Sweet and sloping hills, covered by dark green oaks and cypresses, the yellow gold of the cut harvest and, here and there, a little church. Siena is a perfect starting point to explore the surroundings of the most visited and famous destination in Italy. Even if you are do not have a car, Siena has a very good public transport network that will take you very easily and quickly in some of the most amazing towns in the area.

In one of the last posts we told you about the Train Nature that stops at San Giovanni d’Asso. Well, the direction is the same but this time our first stops is San Quirico d’Orcia. Leaving in the morning, especially in early summer or fall, you will enjoy the colors and the timeless atmosphere, other than the local people stepping in and out of the bus and speaking with the typical Tuscan accent, so natural. San Quirico is merged in a landscape of rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and oak woods. A place where you can enjoy the perfect mix between nature and human touch.


Probably founded by the Etruscan, the old town is very picturesque for the cobbled streets and stone fountains. The village stood on the Via Francigena, as witnessed by the presence of the Ospedale della Scala, where hospitality was offered to the pilgrims. Also deserve a visit the remains of the tower of the Cassero and the Horti Leonini, a typical sixteenth-century garden which is accessed by an entrance between the walls and the square.


Narrow streets with stone made houses and palaces, red and yellow as the natural color of this material: San Quirico is absolutely worth spending a day, and if you have time, have a quick but poetic visit to the near village of Bagni Vignone where Tarkowsky shoot his famous film Nostalghia. A natural Etruscan hot spring.

Time to go back, but before, do not miss the sunset!

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