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Sweet candles of Siena

Sculptures of wax

And this is exactly the right word to define the owner of this little shop, born ten years ago in the center of Siena. From the window of the shop you can see live the creation of the candles and even ask for a special creation, even if the candles that you can see inside are really many and gorgeous.

A full variety of colors make you understand how these ladies can develop their creativity. If they are not colored from the beginning, they are hand painted, like for example the series of animals or flowers. Shape, curls and little details are patiently curved by hands with special cutters, like a real sculpture.

The process of candles making starts from the basics of non-colored wax, and then a series of colored wax baths alternating hot and cold water, which at each step sets a layer of wax and then colored. Reached the optimum volume is passed immediately incision of the candle is still warm with a utility knife thus making it stand out all the internal staining previously chosen.

The candle is then lacquered with a resin plant which gives a shiny appearance and that makes washable in cold water so that the colors are maintained with the passage of time without affecting in any way the possible ignition and therefore use of the same.

Wax and creativity

Together with animals, flowers that seem real and other compositions, a Fabbrica dell Candele, is a magic experience that also gives you the chance to see Siena as a town of artisans who still have the passion for their work, as it was centuries ago. Tips If you want to visit the shop, here are the info.

La Fabbrica delle Candele Via dei Pellegrini 11 53100 Siena

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