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Siena landscapes as seen through the eyes of Senese

But if you have the chance to know a”local”, a real Senese inhabitant, you will also experience the town from the real heart of it, finding places and spots that common tourists may not even know about. Starting from our Hotel, go to the center town, towards the Cathedral and Torre del Mangia.

Take your time to see the square and its colourful life and then take a descending road on the right, via Duprè. In 50 meters, you will find one of the most artisanal bakery in town, to taste Ricciarelli, la Nuova Pasticceria. Among old “osterias”, “Madonna” painted at every street corner and colourful flags you will have one of the best sights of the Torre del Mangia.

Following the road just climb up to the left until you arrive to another of the three hills of Siena. Take the stairs of via Fontanelle and you will see a beautiful landscape with the Basilica dei Servi. Before arriving to that place, climb one of the road to the right and then peep in the narrow streets to have a wonderful landscape of the eastern part of the town. In this area you will also see the ancient market called the Tartaruga (for its shape similar to a turtle) and also the Santuario Casa of Saint Catherine.

Siena is an up and down city so you may have some difficulties in doing all the itineraries in one day, but do not miss the symbols of the contradas, scattered around the town.

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