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Siena: the Gate of Heaven

Some of the most and beautiful cathedrals in Italy were built in this style, between XII and XIII century. What is really stunning is the set of building systems the architects and stone masters invented to climb up and make the cathedral also a point of view of the whole town.

The Siena Cathedral was one of these masterpieces and only in recent years the Opera del Museo del Duomo restored and made safe the spiral staircases climbing up at the two sides of the central and main entrance. These stairs take you at the top of the church.

Even if you will be part of one of the small groups of people that professional guides are leading every day from march till late October (depending on the weather), take some minutes to appreciate what people who built the cathedral used to see from the high of their working place: fresco, painted glasses, histories that are telling Siena through images and metaphors of the time. This is the gate of Heaven. Here the Pisanos (father and son) created the project of the Church and Duccio of Boninsegna painted walls and realized the wonderful and colourful round glass you can admire so near.

It may not be interesting now to explore the whole historical details of the building history of the church but it is worth telling you the emotions we felt while visiting the Gate of Heaven with some of our customers. We will let you imagine it through our photos. Some tips If you are coming in the low season, it will be easier to go to the ticket Office near the Cathedral and buy your ticket there.

But if you are coming in the high season, you will have to book it, paying in advance through a bankswift. The ticket for the gate costs 25 euros, but you can also buy a Opa Sipass plus which includes the Gate of Heaven for 30 euros. This ticket will let you enter in some of the most important museums and monuments of Siena. The visit will be in small groups and with a professional guide.

No private guides are allowed. The itinerary will last about 1,30 hour, not enough actually to stay there as you like. Mind the height, if you are sensible, avoid going.


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