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Il Pellicano: the ancient colors of Siena Pottery

Siena also had its own pottery school like for example Cortona or Deruta (in Umbria) and notwithstanding the ages and the changing in habits and times, there are still some (not many, actually) artisans and shops working in the ancient ways and, sometimes, with the old technique.

This is the case of Il Pellicano, a nice and colorful shop near one of the most interesting sightseeing point that looks over Santa Chiara House. Elisabetta, the artist and owner, is one of the most talented artisans in Siena.

Her works are very requested, not only by those who love the contradas and their symbols, but also, foreign people mostly, who love the black and white colors of the Siena ancient pottery. Her shop is a perfect example of a lively but still very traditional town. Do not search for a souvenir, take a piece of Siena with you: a contradas dish, or a bell or the classic “zaffera”, a special plate to eat the “ribollita” or the “pappa con il pomodoro”.

The big contradas dishes of Elisabetta, are painted with the colors of the contradas (strictly following their indications) and each of them must be approved by the union governing and ruling the Palio and all the matters around it. As we have already written in other posts, Palio is a serious matter in Siena, and everyone must be very respectful, the artists like Elisabetta, too.

If you want to visit Elisabetta or do a workshop with her, contact her here, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Il Pellicano, Via di Diacceto n. 17/A, Siena

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