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A day in Siena off the beaten paths

The ancient walls, part of them still visible also from the terrace of the Hotel, were built to protect the town: at first the main center (CAstelvecchio) and then the other two, widening more and more the walls and creating a system of entrance doors that now can be seen strolling around.

Starting from the Hotel take via Mascagni and then follow via Stalloreggi, take a minute to see one of the fountains that each Contrada has. You will see the fountain of the Pantera. This little square is an example of the beautiful sights you will enjoy in Siena: opened windows with green blinds and gorgeous flowers design old stone palaces and houses.

You are in the heart of Siena. From here, turn right taking via San Pietro. A must see is the Pinacoteca Nazionale with the artworks of Giuseppe di Giorgio Martini, Pietro Lorenzetti, Duccio di Buoninsegna and many others. Some artisans open their shops here. Turn on the left and take via Sant’Agata to reach the contrada of the Onda and its fountain.

Take the stairs of via Fontanelle and you will see a beautiful landscape with the Basilica dei Servi. Take now via Giovanni Duprè. Here you will see on your right the town descending and on the left rising. Among old “osterias”, “Madonna” painted at every street corner and colourful flags you will have one of the best sights of the Torre del Mangia.

Via Giovanni Duprè will lead you directly to Piazza del Campo. If you arrive in the weekend you may have the chance to meet “just married” couples, taking their best shots near the Fontebranda fountain (be patient there, this place is always overcrowded by people) and now cross the Piazza to the left side, cross via Di Città and take via Beccheria on the left.

The town again goes down. Here’s the shopping heart of Siena but also the place to find some interesting artisans and also another wonderful point of view: via Diacceto, where you will see the Santuario Casa of Saint Catherine. In this way you have crossed the town and now you are ready to have some rest again in Piazza del Campo or in one of the little Tavernas and Osterias to taste a good dish of Pici (the handmade pasta) we already talked about.


To make this itinerary you will need good shoes, opened eyes, mainly pointed to the sky and your camera. Enjoy!

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