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Italian home made pasta? The Siena “Pici” delicatessen

Certainly, they existed before Marco Polo and Chinese noodles. Pici are similar to spaghetti, a rolled pasta made with just flour and water, the poor people pasta made and eaten every day, opposite to the eggs Pasta eaten on Sunday only. In the ancient peasants’ tradition, the aspect of food was really very important: no supermarkets or store and almost no money to buy prepared food, but only dishes made with the poor products they had.

The preparation of the Pici was a common habit in the lands around Siena but also in Maremma: women prepared them with the children who played rolling the little slices of the dough to create those long “warms”. Pici come from the word “appicciare” that means work the dough to create a long Spaghetto.

Some say the word also come from the similarity of the pasta to male main organ! But the true thing is that it is one of the tastiest pasta we have ever tasted. The original recipe is very easy, only water and flour, but you must be experienced in rolling the dough, which must be 5 mm thick, cut little slices and then roll them with hands. Leave them rest and boil them in hot water.

If you want to experience the Picis and the way of cooking them (Picis with Aglione sauce, for example), we advise you to visit the Official Pici Fair in Celle Sul Rigo, a little borough near San Casciano dei Bagni, which is held in July. All the women of the village prepare the Pici for visitors and tourists and you can also try to do the pasta with them. (http://www.sagradeipici.it/).

How to reach Celle from Siena

Take the E78 to Sinalunga and then take the highway A1 from Chiusi-Bettolle to Chiusi-Chianciano, take the direction Sarteano.

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