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Departure. 11 AM.Meeting. Piazza del Campo, in front of the APT Office (Tourist Promotion Agency). Purchase tickets at the hotel. Cost. 20 € per person (children free under the age of 12 y.o.), including entry into the Cathedral of Siena (Siena Classic) and the entrance to the basement of Santa Maria della Scala (Secret Siena). Duration. About 2 hours.

Itinerary "Classic Siena." The tour "Classic Siena", which takes place every Saturday, allows you to visit the most famous monuments of the city: Piazza del Campo, the exterior of the buildings Salimbeni and Tolomei Chigi-Saracini, the Loggia of the Merchants, the Baptistery, the old hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, and finally the interior of the Cathedral of Siena.

Itinerary "Secret Siena." The Secret Siena tour, which takes place on Sunday, allows you to visit places that are not included in the normal tourist routes: you can visit an old castle that the ghetto, the Market Square and the valley of Justice Gate, a medieval fountain, alleys and the most hidden corners, and through anecdotes and trivia about the past and the present of Siena.

The tour ends with a visit of the millennial hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, born as a hospice for pilgrims and the poor and used as a health until a few years ago, in a fascinating discovery of its treasures of art and its dungeons. Info Center TourGuides of Siena: 0577-43273www.guidesiena.it

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