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What to do for the night of museums in Siena

The Night of Museums is a special event involving museums throughout Europe and will take place on May 21st, 2016. Siena, as one of the most important town in Italy, participates to this international event with special and unique openings of some of its gems.

The night of the Museums in Siena

This international event allows visitors to enter museums during the night, from 9 until 11 pm, and to enjoy these cultural sites in very much different atmosphere. Every museum is free to organize happenings or special activities during the opening time: workshops for adults and children to theater performances, concerts, screenings and more.

Museums are living places and this is the central message. They can be considered as places to gather works of art but also spaces to enjoy whatever your age or purpose is.
During the evening the entrance is completely free as the guided visits or the many activities that every museum programs.

Free museums in Siena

Siena will participate to the Night of the Museums with a couple of openings: the Civic Museum, which contains the renowned fresco The Allegory of Good and Bad Government by Lorenzetti, in addition to the fresco of the meeting between Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II, present in all schoolbooks.
The other art center at free entrance is Santa Maria della Scala where the visitors will see the monumental spaces of Piazza Duomo level and the temporary exhibition "Between Home and Wisdom" by Tommaso Fiscaletti. A special tour will also be available on that night for those who are interested in knowing the history of this place.

The students of C class IV of the Art School "Duccio", will welcome and guide visitors to the Santa Maria della Scala, illustrating the history and art along a path from the ancient halls of the hospital to the the premises of the Fund Briganti, constituted by the library and the photo library belonged to the art historian Giuliano Briganti, and today heritage of the City of Siena. Students will present rare books on display, on the robe of the book bindings as precious containers of refined taste and illustrate nineteenth skin types and part of the historical collection of ancient Photographic Academy of Sienese art, preserved in the premises of the photo library.
For info, please check the website www.regione.toscana.it/amicomuseo.

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