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Pienza traditions: Madonna dell'Assunta festival


Pienza is a Unesco World Heritage site. There is nothing we could say more about this perfect jewel of Renaissance, designed under the ideal direction Enea Silvio Piccolomini, a Renaissance humanist born into an exiled Sienese family, who later became Pope Pius II.

He was born in Corsignano. Once he became Pope, the entire village rebuilt as an ideal Renaissance town. Intended as a retreat from Rome, it represents the first application of humanist urban planning concepts, creating an impetus for planning that was adopted in other Italian towns and cities and eventually spread to other European centers.

Pienza: the ideal town of Renaissance

The center town is the perfect representation of the relationship between the political and religious power. The trapezoidal piazza is defined by four buildings. The principal residence, Palazzo Piccolomini, is on the west side. This structure is similar to Alberti's Palazzo Rucellai in Florence and other later palaces. The back of the palace, to the east, is defined by loggia on all three floors that overlook an enclosed Italian Renaissance garden and a spectacular views into the distant landscape of the Val d'Orcia and Pope Pius's beloved Mount Amiata beyond.

All around, the main streets of the borough, full of little shops with artisans and traditional products such as cacio and pecorino of Pienza, olive oil and truffles.

Madonna dell'Assunta feast in August

The night of August 14 has been known for centuries as the night of the fires. When the farms were still populated by sharecroppers and they used to ignite a bonfire in every yard to wait for August and the evening was venerated in the Cathedral of the Assumption painted by Vecchietta in his masterpiece commissioned by Pope Pius II. During the Feast of Assumption, the Cathedral become the center of liturgical celebrations and worship initiatives related to the history of Pienza and his art. The square is the place of the Festival and the Cathedral is open along with the Galleries of the labyrinth below the Lower Church (Crypt) on the occasion visited by all citizens. The Feast of the Assumption for some years has returned to be felt by Pienza as a real festive occasion of meeting and meeting of the community, open to tourists and most loyal visitors to Pienza. The Museums on this occasion are also open at night and guides and special events are held, the 'night of' Assumption 'in Pienza is the night of the outer and inner fires, to be experienced.

If you want more info, visit www.prolocopienza.it.

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