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What to do in Siena in July: all the events you shouldn't miss

Not only Palio: Siena has a lot to offer in July: music events, exhibitions and many more. We want to offer you a panorama of the best to do, if you are in Siena for your holidays and you want to enjoy the town in a different way.

Visiting the Monte dei Paschi bank head quarter

This historical bank was one of the first examples of international financing institute in Europe. In 1419 the palace was confiscated by the Senese Republic and partly used as a Dogana del Sale and Gabella office. In 1866 the Monte Pio was bought by another institution, the Monte dei Paschi, which granted loans bearing a guarantee of its operations the annual public revenues of the Maremma. This place is open for visit only in special occasions. The opening time is 9-12 am; the guided visit is free, just go at the main entrance of the bank.

The divine beauty: 3d experience

The "facciatone" should be the new façade of the new church of Siena, but the project was never completed. Now, a part from visiting it to enjoy a wonderful view on the whole town, you can experience a 3d live show. A combination of visual poetry, music and narrative that traces the history of Siena, but mainly tells the story of the cathedral: the years of wealth, the start of construction of the Duomo Nuovo and then the tragedy of the plague, which stops everything, but not the idea of beauty, which has remained unchanged to this day.

No chairs and pillows are provided; you can sit on the pavement in the middle of the plaza outside the Facciatone. Remember to bring something to sit on.

Siena Jazz: meeting music in the Contrada

Siena is one of the international towns of jazz. The masterclasses that every year gathers students from all over the world gather the best teachers and jazz players (we recommended this experience in the post Siena with the masters of jazz).

Passionate people and young musicians that want to become professional come in Siena. Siena hosts main important concerts but also jam sessions in the jazz clubs scattered around. Enjoy a unique chance to listen to jazz live music in the best way.

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