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Mille Miglia in Siena, the paradise of vintage racing cars

Italy is the land of cars and motorcycle: speed has always been a fascinating matter in the Bel Paese and for decades people from all over the world were looking to Italy as the land of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati.
Beautiful roaring cars which are a status symbol for the lucky ones rich enough to buy one of these technological jewels, enjoy them on a summer breezy day along the sweet hilly roads of Tuscany.

The Mille Miglia. Running into the history

Originally, the race started as a "on the road race" in 1927. The count Aymo Maggi wanted to create something unusual. At those times the history of cars races in Italy has already begun. Public roads were the first circuits to try those emotions. But the count wanted something more extreme. A very long race, without rules except one: no stops. The teams could race night and day, without rest if the wanted or better if they were able too.
Thirty years, from 1927 until 1957, when a fatal accident forced the authorities to stop the race because it was too dangerous, both for teams and people of the public.
Since 1977, the race has begun again but the mood is totally different. It lives on in the form of regularity race for vintage cars. Participation is limited to cars, manufactured no later than 1957, which had participated (or were registered) to the original race. The path (Brescia-Rome round trip) mirrors, despite its variations, like the original game while keeping the starting / ending point in Viale Venezia, Rome.
This edition, from May 19th to May 22nd, will anticipates of a week the Formula One Gran Prix of Monaco. Every year the itinerary changes in order to return more and more to the original route, passing through places not recently touched. This year the race will touch Poggibonsi, after stopping at Siena, in the Piazza del Campo.

Mille Miglia in Piazza del Campo

Cars will arrive in Siena around midday, coming from Radicofani and Buonconvento, two medieval boroughs of the Terre di Siena. They will pass along the main streets, arriving in Piazza del Campo for a full immersion in the tourists flow. A unique chance to admire these precious cars, so rich of history and still alive thanks to the passion of their owners. . If you want to join the 2016 Mille Miglia, get in contact with our staff and live this true Italian experience.

General info

Check this website to get all the info and enjoy this event: www.1000miglia.it.

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