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Reaching Siena by car: some tips and info to rent a car

Tuscany by car: how to reach

Siena This week we will try to help you, giving you some advice on how to reach Siena by car, starting from the main airports in Tuscany. First of all you must decide how your trip will develop: if you are planning to visit main towns such as Florence, you won’t need a car, but If you wish to visit towns and villages a car is almost a necessity.

The Chianti hills, the Val d'Orcia, Maremma, Casentino and hilltop villages in these areas in Tuscany are almost impossible to visit depending solely on public transportation. Before telling you where you can rent a car, let us tell you what you need before you are leaving: renting a car in Tuscany is extremely simple since you can reserve your rental car online before you head to Tuscany. A credit card is required for the reservation. Non-European Union citizens will need, in addition to their driver's license, an International Driver's Permit/License along with your license, to be able to drive in Italy.

So make sure you've got your documents in order before departing. When you rent a car, pay attention to which kind of car you are renting: we are talking about the kind of fuel you will need. To avoid misfueling accidents, you must know that In Italian, "carburante" and "benzina" are both generic words for gasoline/petrol. But diesel is diesel in Italian as well.

At the airport

If you arriving at Florence airport, you can pick up a car at one of the renting societies based there and this is the best location if you plan on heading straight out of Florence onto the A11 or A1 or to the Florence-Siena roadway without the worry of dealing with traffic in Florence – the airport is right by the highways. Pisa, with a lot of flights arriving from Uk, has become the main airport in Tuscany. There you will find almost all the societies. So as for the Rome Airport, Fiumicino is the main one and probably your flight will land here.

Please always check this detail, the two Rome airport, Fiumicino and Ciampino are about 45 kilometers far from each other. The majority of car rental agencies offer rentals with many extras including satellite GPS navigators and baby car seats at additional cost - the GPS navigator will surely prove to be useful during your vacation in Tuscany. Remember where you will drive your car. Tuscan boroughs have narrow streets, impossible to be entered with a big car or even with a family car. So, be aware when you are choosing your car.


Always check what the price of rent includes: some companies may ask you a deposit on your credit card, for possible damages that will be refund after you leave the car. Check the car before you take it: the damages that are already there are not yours but will be if you do not tell the rent society about them.


If you are not used to drive in little towns, you may have some difficulties in parking or just driving in the Italian traffic. Don’t panic, drive slow and before you get in troubles, park your car and visit the town on your own feet. And now have a safe drive in Italy!

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