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Carnival in Siena

Siena has its own carnival, of course. Or it would be better say 17, as every Contrada has it’s own carnival that end in Piazza del Campo in a general feast.

The Contrada Carnival

Each Contrada has its own tradition: a chance to dive in the spirit of this very special city. The afternoon is devoted to children with rides and games and the evening to adults with masked balls and performances. Gastronomic events are the real deal: special cakes and magic show in the Contrada of Aquila or the traditional 'cenciata' in the district of Chocciola.

And then pentolacce (traditional pots hanging over your head, the challenge is to break them as you are blind, to win the content), shows of magicians, contests jokes and live music. Carnival in the Contrada has the same rituals, or at least, very similar, to what happens during the Palio.

It’s a chance to meet for the Contrada People and, as for the Palio, it’s not open to tourists. The Mardi Gras, Piazza del Campo opens to everyone: the city finds it all together in the Piazza del Campo, neutral territory which, with its shell shape, welcomes the people in front of the Town Hall and is transformed into a large open-air theater.

The Carnival in the Siena boroughs

Siena surroundings are also full of events: Asciano, Buonconvento, San Gimignano host their own carnival with allegoric chariots, done by the people of Contrada. It’s a very good choice to visit Siena and other towns in a special period of the year where the traditional Tuscan humor is larger than ever. February is also the month of lovers with Valentine day. Two special events to enjoy Siena from another point of view.

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