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The Bianciardi Bros: an up and down generation

So let us take the chance to invade our blog space and let us introduce to you as a history family: the Bianciardi’s Bros. Well, let us first clear: the Bros are a sister and a brother: Serena and Marco, proudly at the head of Athena for over 20 years by now. Unbelievable to say, we still remember our childhood here, up and down with the lift, playing gym between the squared tables of the hall. 

Seems that time hasn’t passed so fast, but we still continue the mission of our father who founded or better invented Athena in the 70’s, when huge hotels barely existed in Siena. Athena was first thought to host students, as a new kind of Greek Atheneum, here comes the name for. An elegant and well-placed place.

But as you know, plans may change and Athena became what it is now: a very elegant place in the center of Siena but quite secluded so as to offer customers the beauty of the town but also the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of Tuscany. We grew up watching our father and his employees working every day and we learned little by little from them all. A slow learning process not done in school but done in real life. Athena has always been home for us and still is, so no surprise when we agreed to take over the Hotel after our dad’s death. A very light decision indeed.

We started with the help of people working there and humbly followed the route designed by our father. We had hard times, we had bad times but we also had happy times, slowly understanding and gaining the trust of our employees. Me and Marco have the same vision of the hotel, almost always; there is no doubt about how we want to develop Athena.

Customers grew with the years, some of them return frequently just because they find a family and just because we treat them as the most important people of our life.

This is a part of our soul! Hope you enjoy it.

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