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Saint Catherine of Siena, following a themed itinerary


Following the path of Saint Catherine

Siena is full of spots that remind the presence of St. Catherine. Following the path you will dive in the century Siena and discovering the places that marked by its passage. We suggest you the most important places in this short list that will guide you and make you discover a different Siena.

1- Basilica di San Domenico: An imposing Gothic basilica, which is closely linked to the figure of Catherin; she lived inside the highlights of his exceptional mystical experience. In the chapel dedicated to the saint it can be seen the most important of his relics, the holy head.

2- Sanctuary House of St. Catherine: A complex that will enter the intimacy of Catherine, in his birthplace, enriched over the centuries of art and become a real sanctuary. The visit through the various environments, allows us to understand the origins and formation of the saint.

3- Fontebranda: Placed in the district where Catherine was born. It is the oldest of the sources of the city and a place of enormous importance for the life of the people of Siena at the time: in provided water to citizens, and also guaranteed the existence of many activities, as we explained in this post: Discovering Siena underground


4- Salita del Costone: the place that was the scene of the first vision of Catherine, which occurred when she was just seven years. An episode that will deeply mark her future life. The memory of that vision is handed down from the fresco placed along the street.

5- Baptistery of San Giovanni and staircase: A sacred building of great interest, adjacent to the Cathedral. Catherine was baptized here. Along the staircase leading to the above Piazza del Duomo, a small cross on one of the steps marks the spot where the saint fell during a temptation of the devil.

6- Oratory of Saint Catherine of the Night: A charming place, where Catherine prayed and did penance together with the brothers of the ancient company of San Michele Arcangelo. On the left side of the oratory is the narrow cell where she was resting after having watched over the sick of the hospital.

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