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Siena through its food: flavors of East

These dishes of medieval origin, were born in convents, passed into the hands of skilled chemists and handed down in the workshops. Their flavor seems eternal, inextricably tied to our taste memory, the most sacred festivals and family.

Smells of Middle

Age The Panforte is a sweet spicy prepared with almonds, candied fruit and honey, which can be kept several months. A special variant of this cake was prepared and offered to the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy in 1879, during an official visit to Siena. The precious Panpepato is actually the ancestor of Panforte, made with honey mixed with spices and flavored with black pepper and ginger.

The legend tells about some eventual aphrodisiac properties of the Panpepato, due to the strong spices used to prepare it. The Cavallucci are very special biscuits with a tasty filling made of nuts, candied fruit, honey and a delicious mixture of spices, including anise, which gives them a hint of liquorice. The "Ricciarelli", perhaps the most famous among the famous sweets of Siena, tender biscuits with an oval shape, made with almonds, honey, sugar and egg white. Spicy enough to embrace your mouth, let you close the eyes and dream of Siena surroundings and those sweet hills you would like to walk.


One year of cakes and pastries in Siena

The Pan co 'Santi is the typical sweet that goes from October to mid-November. And also 'a must on the table on November 1 for All Saints' Day. It’s a bread filled with walnuts, almonds, anise, hazelnuts and raisins. Done through a long and skillful workmanship and closely guarded secrets. Every Contrada has its own pastry shop, so that the recipe of some cakes, Ricciarelli for example, may have some slight variations, following some secret ingredient every pastry maker use and hide.

Tips and Info As usual, you can find some general advice on the net about where to go and eat some of these deliciousness, but you’d better ask a local. Our staff will be glad to show you the best places in town.

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