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The 500 starring in Siena

Along the years, the 500 has begun one of the most recognized Italian myths all over the world, and also a status symbol for people who like to own a piece of automotive history. Fan club dedicated to this tiny and lovely car, are scattered everywhere and you can find events and shows constantly organized in Italy and elsewhere.

The 500 lifestyle in Siena

On the road events are a spectacular way to enjoy the colorful world of 500. For one day, the town lives a jump back into the past, with tens of cars, sometimes even with a special dressing, marching slowly like a cheerful snake along the narrow streets of the center town. Owners are really very proud and take a special care of their cars, not only from the mechanical point of view but also from the aesthetic one: weird color, special internal seat covering and special models, too.


You will have the chance to enter this curious and unconventional world, speaking directly with passionate people. You may also consider to buy one of these little pieces of history, to join the next caravan in Italy.

Fiat 500 passion and lifestyle

This year a little borough near Siena, Torrita di Siena, will host a 500 car meeting, organized by the fan club of Valdichiana. The gathering will take place on May the 10th, starting from the morning. These events are always a nice way to discover new spots in town and new towns in Italy, too.

The meetings give also a chance to organize a special weekend in the area, having you base in Siena and going around in the surrondings.

A new and original way to visit Italy and Tuscany.

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