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The Good Life in Tuscany

Food and wine culture and conviviality, will be protagonists in this exceptional preview of Tuscany at Expo 2015. Starring: chef, chefs, wine, food products and Tuscan cuisine, witnesses of a healthy lifestyle and authentic. Chef Marco Stabile, in collaboration with the Association JRE, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe will, set a number of creative events all around the town, but mostly in Piazza del Campo.


The Buonvivere in Siena

Kitchen and live cooking demonstrations by Chef of JRE, chefs and chef from Tuscany and the students of Hotel Institutes of Tuscany, presentation and tasting of PDO and PGI, wine, oil and agricultural products and food from Tuscany. Marco Stabile, Filippo Saporito, Cristiano Tomei, Gaetano Trovato, will be the four chefs who March 27 at 12.00 in Piazza del Campo in Siena will present their creation.

This is the recipe they will propose: Pappardelle with powdered black cabbage and essence of steak with oil, Tuscan bread crumbs and drops of wine on a fondue light of beans, a gastronomic proposal in which tradition, craftsmanship and experimentation contaminate. The dish is a tribute to the roots, to a territory, a product of excellence in the sign of renewal, a fresh mild flavor, a balanced mix of tradition and evolution, with the taste of Tuscany today.

The haute cuisine makes new dishes, creates, invents but always respecting the territory, its products, and a culture that has deep roots. This is of great craftsmanship of taste.

Special culinary suggestions in Siena

The new dish will be presented exclusively in Siena in the morning of March 27 on the occasion of Tuscany Land of Good Living, the preview of Tuscany for Expo 2015 and will be led by the Region of Tuscany in May at Expo 2015 in Milan. On the same days in the Market Square will take place a market of agricultural products and food from Tuscany, a chance to discover the extraordinary agricultural food production in Tuscany.

For info You can find the complete program here, http://www.exporurale.it/buonviveretoscano.it/il-piatto-del-buon-vivere-toscano/

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