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Siena by night: living la Dolce Vita

This week we would like to propose you some good alternatives to spend your night in Siena, drinking a good cocktail and enjoying live music.

Nightlife in Siena

Starting from the very center town, you will find the Caffè del Corso, a two levels bar and restaurant, where you can taste local wines but also international cocktails in a lounge ambient, very cool and relaxing. Mainly attended by local young people. If you are really very young, you can attend il Cambio or la Favorita, with a couple of evenings in the week with Dj sets and live music.

If you are a jazz lover, you cannot miss Un Tubo. With a contemporary design in a medieval space, is the latest add-on to Siena's party scene. Owned by famous restaurant Le Logge, Un Tubo holds a weekly jam session on Tuesday nights and a couple of mostly jazzy concerts through the rest of the month (many of them organized with the collaboration of Siena's Jazz Foundation).

The sophisticated setting is reflected in the club's upscale prices, but the ambiance and the wine cellar carved into stone make up for it. Concerts are normally for free (but you're obviously expected to have a couple of drinks) Cacio & Pere (via dei Termini, 70) is another great address for live music in Palio town. Several times a month gigs are organized, which range from etno punk to folk music.

Most concerts are free and drinks are a little cheaper than at Un Tubo. If you want to be updated about clubs in Siena, follow Il Parere, an online magazine that tells all about Siena Movida and events, http://www.ilparere.net/.

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