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Beneath the stars in Siena

Siena and its surroundings are still a “once upon a time” lands, where public street lightning, especially in country side streets is not common, and stars can be seen very clearly.

Looking at the stars in Siena

Searching for some special experiences to do in Siena, we have found the Astronomical Observatory, managed by a Union of scientists and passionate people, who, in 1980, built a little house in the Siena countryside, with the clear aim of studying and observing the stars, and also, do a didactic activity.

In these years, many people has passed from this place, set with a capable telescope and also a sundial, designed by Claudio Agnesoni years before, on the outside of the structure, on the wall facing south-west. The station, so it is called, was named after a scientist and passionate, Palmiero Capannoli, who defined himself “telescopes’ builder” and died some years ago.

In over thirty years of life, the observatory was attended by dozens of amateur astronomers and hundreds of school students and ordinary citizens, all were fascinated by the wonders of the night sky still visible from this corner of the country a couple distance from the heart of the city. You can reach the observatory by car and then walk in a nice and well kept path among the fields of Siena.

If you want to spend a special night, just look at their events and activities, on their website, http://www.astrofilisenesi.it/, which is only in Italian.

Our staff will provide you with more info and help you reserve your special visit among the stars.

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