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Athena Masterchef: traditional recipe of Ribollita

That is why we would love to share them with you to let you enjoy since the beginning your tasting experience even before your arrival. This is our first recipe, one of the most know dishes of the Tuscan cuisine: the Ribollita Nowadays someone will define the Ribollita the Veggy dish but its historical origins tell a different story.

Made with poor vegetables, quite easy to find in Tuscany, and made it tasty with old bread cooked with oil, garlic and rosemary. The preparation can really very long, but do not discourage, the result will let Tuscany enter your kitchen. Ingredients: Potatoes, courgettes, cabbage, beans, spinach, celery, carrot, leek, onion, ripe tomatoes round.

Garlic, rosemary, sage and old bread. Tuscan oil. Preparation:

a) Prepare a vegetable broth. Put water in a pot. Put carrots, celery, potatoes, courgettes and other vegetables that you may have and make this boil for 1 hour and a half. Let everything rest and filter.

b) Cut carrots, celery, onion in square little pieces and cook them with oil till they are almost ready. In the meantime cut the other vegetables in little pieces and start to add one vegetable per time to your preparation.

c) Everytime put one dipper into the pot, let it dry and then put another one. Repeat this procedure for every vegetable until everything is ready.

d) Take the bread and put it in a pan with oil sage, garlic and rosemary. Let it roast a little bit and take it away

e) Break the bread in little pieces and put them in a clay pot and put on your Ribollita

f) Now you can serve warm This is Francesco’s aunt recipe (Francesco is our chef).


Be patient, be lovely and you will obtain a wonderful ribollita.

Send us your shots. We will be glad to publish them. Enjoy!

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